Tina Cooper after 3 years of preparation has finally put together her Tribal Tribute – “The Primal Force” Exhibition for public Viewing. The exhibition will be the first at her new PopUp Gallery in Palmwoods and will feature on the opening night a performance by Lyndon Davis of the local Gubbi Gubbi tribe playing Tina’s unique Glass Dideridoo.


“Scyphozoa” are an exclusive marine class of jelly fish which we feel describes the beautiful glass creations in Tina Cooper Gallery latest exhibition due to open at her Gallery in Eumundi on Friday, 22nd January 2016 and closed when we moved from Eumundi. Four of Queensland’s greatest glass artists, Tina Cooper, Wolfgang Engel, Jonathon Westacott and Sean O’Donoghue, have come together with their interpretation of jellyfish using glass as their medium and showing their mutual admiration for one of the natural wonders of our world, Australia’s Great barrier Reef.


Come celebrate Tina’s milestone in her journey in glass blowing. Her new exhibition showcases her latest creations and honours her fantastic journey in her craft. Can we now claim her as a master? We will let you be the judge. when: from 9am on Wednesday December 3rd where: Tina Cooper Gallery | 93 Memorial Drive | Eumundi | Qld


Tina is very excited to launch her new exhibition “Cornucopia” referring to Abundance and Nourishment after surviving the Global Financial Crisis. I feel that I am the one of the lucky ones to still be able to work in glass.



Her latest exhibition "Tribal Collaborations" was inspired with her reconnection with Nuuna the first indigenous artist who collaborated in the "Tribal Tribute" series telling Tribal stories and painting them on glass. Each piece tells a story as we journey through life.



My inspiration for this work came on a short holiday to the beautiful island of Vanuatu in February 2012. Times were tough in the Art World and as there was a super special available I decided to take a break out in the Pacific.



She is calling it “Guns and Roses” which might seem unusual for her but as she has found a very unusual container to house a permanent exhibition at the rear of her new premises she thought that this name was very appropriate.




Sisters united in glass. From April, through to July 2009, the award winning Tina Cooper Gallery is showcasing ‘MELT’- a collaborative, cross-cultural exhibition of contemporary works in glass, featuring the talent of emerging Indigenous artist - Sue Macpherson.