Tina is very excited to launch her new exhibition “Cornucopia” referring to Abundance and Nourishment after surviving the Global Financial Crisis. I feel that I am the one of the lucky ones to still be able to work in glass. This exhibition represents bringing back some soul nourishment to our lives and abundance will follow in whatever form you need!!

Tina’s newest and most unique collection of glass creations is now open to the public. Come and see for yourself the exhibition of ‘Cornucopia’ at the ‘Tina Cooper Gallery’ in Eumundi.

As you walk into the Art cave you are submersed into a world of ancient wonder, mysterious creatures of the deep emerge from glass and whisper secrets of the sea. A mesmerizing array of colour and texture, sparkle and dazzle from every angle of the room. The light reflects the angles of the sea that seeps through translucent layers of coloured glass. Sea pods and sea urchins scattered coloured pebbles gleam and decorate the shelves. Most unlike anything ever seen before in glass Tina has created an exhibition that is well worth the journey and not to be missed.

The exhibition is open from 9am on Saturday 9th November 2013 and will continue until March 2014.