From April, through to July 2009, the award winning Tina Cooper Gallery is showcasing ‘MELT’- a collaborative, cross-cultural exhibition of contemporary works in glass, featuring the talent of emerging Indigenous artist - Sue Macpherson. Completely self-funded, this ‘subaltern’ project combines the skill and know-how of world renowned glass blower, Tina Cooper, with Sue Macpherson’s hands-on, aspirational sensibility for design.

Sue is the first Australian Indigenous artist to work with the medium of hot-glass, and for the past six months, has been literally playing with fire. Hot glass is an intense and physically challenging process, undertaken with direct exposure to temperatures of more than 1200 degrees Celsius. Captivated by the fluidity and transparency molten glass, Sue has created a stunning series of fine art pieces that both reveal and reflect significant stories of Indigenous culture.

‘Melt’ is a joining of hands between Indigenous and Non-indigenous culture, blurring the lines between ancient and modern aesthetics, traditional and contemporary concepts and celebrating the interconnectedness of all life.