The Official Opening will be on the Friday Night 27th January at 7:30pm with Drinks and Nibbles provided as well as all the official speeches. There will be another softer opening on the Sunday 29th January at 1pm for all those who can't make the Friday Night.

She is calling it “Guns and Roses” which might seem unusual for her but as she has found a very unusual container to house a permanent exhibition at the rear of her new premises she thought that this name was very appropriate. When she was looking online for a storage container she found this amazing container which was originally built to Army specifications. It has a unique design in that it transports as a standard ISO container but when you place it on the ground it then can be extended to double its size with an amazing extension system.

So the term “Guns” thus refers to the addition of this military hardware to the site, and , of course, the “Roses” refers to a new series called “Enchantment”. This is a new range of mini pots filled with colour and adorned with beautiful handcrafted vines and flowers that only Tina Cooper can make. This series is similar to her enchanted forest series but with more colour and joy in being alive. They also have the added attraction of handcrafted lady beetles fused with Tina’s vessels and made by master lamp glass worker, Wolfgang Engel.

This exhibition is not available for wholesale purchase at this stage. It will solely be for all you wonderful collectors so get in early if you wish to add them to your collection. Take a note of the image name and dimensions i.e. Enchantment No1 W 28cm H 15cm and we will be able to help you with a price and cost of shipping.