“Scyphozoa” are an exclusive marine class of jelly fish which we feel describes the beautiful glass creations in Tina Cooper Gallery latest exhibition due to open at her Gallery in Eumundi on Friday, 22nd January 2016 and which closed when we moved from Eumundi.

Four of Queensland’s greatest glass artists, Tina Cooper, Wolfgang Engel, Jonathon Westacott and Sean O’Donoghue, have come together with their interpretation of jellyfish using glass as their medium and showing their mutual admiration for one of the natural wonders of our world, Australia’s Great barrier Reef.
Tina has always been fascinated with the Great Barrier Reef with its beauty and uniqueness in our fragile world. When she goes into the space below the surface she finds that it is a world beyond our world. It’s the largest living organism and can be so constructive and fragile like glass.

Soul awakening of the reef, consciousness triggering, reaching out to awareness, fragile, living, breathing organism, teetering on life or death. Just like the jellyfishes, beautiful to behold but so dangerous to handle.

Jonathon was inspired on holidays exploring the wonderful Lady Musgrave Island while snorkelling around its coral reefs. Working with hot glass has enabled him to playfully explore the combinations of colour and shape which he experienced while snorkelling on the coral quay.
After many years of trials and tribulations perfecting his technique on his glass jellyfish paperweights Sean has come up with his own unique jellyfish design. He quotes “I want to be different with my designs but not necessarily better .... just different”.

Wolfgang, on the other hand, was inspired while working with Tina on her Ramada Resort commission in Hervey Bay, making some of the delicate coral reef components. This inspired him to make his own version of jellyfish using his torch blowing techniques. When you see the exhibition you will realise that he has manifested his dreams.
Come visit the Gallery in Eumundi to be awed at their amazing creations. The exhibition starts on Friday 22 January 2016 at 10am at the Tina Cooper Gallery, 93 Memorial Drive, Eumundi.