The start of the Tribal Tribute series began on the auspicious night of the Maroochydore Art Exhibition in 1999. This is when I met the indigenous lady – Nuuna. We both attained first prize in our relevant sections and had a mutual respect for each others work. We shared our past experiences and talked of reconciliation. Our journey, as they say- ‘and so begins’. 

Our first collaboration piece was called ‘Women’s Business’ was exhibited at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards at Canberra in the year 2000. Each piece dances with a creative reconciliation of energy or life force of its own.

I have now met some amazingly talented indigenous artists who are adorning and embellishing the Tribal Tribute Series. Peter Mulcahy and Cheryl Thompson hand painted additions to my glass work is to be seen to be believed.

It has taken three years to bring this new body of work to fruition. After Tina created the glass vessels they then were taken to Jules the iron worker to wave her magic with her metal skills. The wood bases were then to be considered, with much searching for the right energy and look to complement the age spirit of the piece.

The piece then needed to be adorned with wood, clay and glass beads and feathers.

Thanks to the talents of Gary Lisle who created the beautiful glass beads and Wolfgang Engel for blown miniature vessels and wood bases together with David Suters.

 The vessels honour the past tribes as our teachers, the present as our creations and the future as our inspiration. We now stand at the crossroads and together we can heal the broken , unspoken laws of nature. When we honour Spirit Earth peace will live in our hearts again.