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Images and stories of Tina's Creations and collaborative artwork over the years. They are categorized into Series which were themes about her inspiration. Click on the series of interest to view her stories and gallery of images.

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Tina is very excited to launch her new work Nautilus which will be featured in her “Cornucopia” Exhibition referring to Abundance and Nourishment after surviving the Global Financial Crisis. The exhibition will be in her art space at the rear of her Gallery in Eumundi. Click on the View Images link.

The Sunrise series was created from the face of disaster. The first Tsunami that devasted Indonesia in 2004 created a mass consciousness of support. I remember sitting watching the sunrise and all its beautiful colours starting a new day and felt I had to do something to help those suffering. Click on the View Images link.


The Great Barrier Reef Series was inevitable.
Whenever I can sneak a holiday, I love to dive with the fish and coral and be in their world for a little while. I like to sit on the bottom and be very still and just observe the passing parade. Click on the View Images link.


I felt a need for my feminine energy to be expressed via this Series.
I wanted to express elegant shapes and soft flowing colours using wispy, wind blown white to be the clouds with two tone leaves supporting them as does mother nature. Click on the View Images link.


The start of the Tribal Tribute series began on the auspicious night of the Maroochydore Art Exhibition in 1999. This is when I met the indigenous lady - Nuuna. We both attained first prize in our relevant sections and had a mutual respect for each others work. We shared our past experiences and talked of reconciliation. Our journey, as they say - ‘and so it begins'. Click on the View Images link.


From bright colourful combos to coffee and cream swirls of bold colour, the Fab series is engineered in a way to create an oblong, fabulous and funky approach to a bowl. Click on the View Images link.


The Australian outback to me, is like nowhere else on earth.
The colours of the landscape are so rich and changing that people come from around the world to see for themselves. Click on the View Images link.


My inspiration for this work came on a short holiday to the beautiful island of Vanuatu in February 2012. Times were tough in the Art World and as there was a super special available I decided to take a break out in the Pacific. Click on the View Images link.



This is a new range of mini pots filled with colour and adorned with beautiful handcrafted vines and flowers that only Tina Cooper can make. This series is similar to her enchanted forest series but with more colour and joy in being alive. Click on the View Images link.



I was inspired to do the Shell Vases from my love of diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The shapes and contours of the many shells I saw have been recreated in glass. Click on the View Images link.



Tina Cooper has created a series of work honouring the past tribes by melding the ancient stories of our indigenous past and the ancient medium of glass art. Hand painted stories on the "Wirrawongs" enrich the vessels creating a deeply felt response which resonates within each vessel. Click on the View Images link. 


My inspiration came from the recent conjunction between Venus and the Moon when the feminine goddess energy of Venus merged with our emotional ruler the Moon. Click on the View Images link. 


I often have vivid dreams of Lemuria or Atlantis and wake in the morning and ponder is it myth or real? To me Lemuria was soul and Atlantis was mind. This series is about reconnecting with past energies and linking them to the present day. Click on the View Images link.



This series came about when I was working using some Opal on a commission with Roger. I also use Opal pieces to adorn some of my Tribal vessels. One day while I was blowing in the Studio, I had some darker Opal laid out on the bench and the light was playing with it. Click on the View Images link.



The Butterfly Series represents the beautiful colours that we see in butterflies and windows to our souls that we see through their wings. Click on the View Images link.



The glass didgeridoo came to me once again from a dream. A wise old tribal man sat and spoke with me and told me how I was to make it and the colours to use. Click on the View Images link.



The Enchanted Forest series invite you to mentally or even better physically, go out into the forest and smell the fresh air, feel the cool, clean stillness and take a walk with Mother Nature. Click on the View Images link.



Tina was working with local indigenous artist Sue McPherson on the opening exhibition ‘ Melt - Sisters United in Glass ‘ With glass artworks such as coolamons, sacred stones, totems and figures. Click on the View Images link.



The outback is a truly amazing place. There is no neon lights or fast food stores. It's just you and nature - period. It is a land of intense beauty and unforgiving harshness all at once. Because of where it is situated in the middle of Australia you get these unbelievable sunsets from the heat of the day that are a mass of swirling colours, and to an artist about as good as it gets. Click on the View Images link. 

Using the neutral shades and tones of cream, beige, white, brown, black and grey, Pebble Creek is a distinct collection of goblets, bowls and vases created by Tina and her glass blowing team at the Sunshine Coast Hot Glass Studio in Yandina. Click on the View Images link.


Working with glass dates back to over 5,000 years. This series represents iconic items related to humanities earliest existence and millenniums past. The Nautilus and its ancestors are from ½ billion years ago.Their spiral unfoldment mirrors mankinds journey in evolution. Click on the View Images link.



This series is unique and very much one off. In a time of reflection I created this piece. Click on the View Images link.




Combination of my etherical Soul Essence vessels and bright Sealife bases softening the effect of the experience. Click on the View Images link.



These are all about the shell and the rolling waves. They are the unfolding of a Nautilus type base around a clear ball or bubble, that opens into a wide top. Some have a clear ribbing along the outside edge, others go shooting up to the top. Click on the View Images link.


This is a fairly self explanatory style. The Australian sun is so intense, magnified in the outback areas - it reminds me of the glass furnace we use to make our alchemy happen. Click on the View Images link.


Females from tribes around the world have often suffered suppression of spirit through centuries of humanity. My Goddess series is about recognizing and showcasing their power. Click on the View Images link.

Winter Frost was inspired from my trip to Europe with Wolfgang when we experienced the German winter in all its glory. Click on the View Images link.



This was a great and fun collaborative piece the 3 of us worked on. Roger and I took a drive one day up into the foothills of the Sunshine Coast to one of his timber suppliers and found this old and weathered Red Cedar Stump. Click on the View Images link.