The Sunrise series was created from the face of disaster.

The first Tsunami that devasted Indonesia in 2004 created a mass consciousness of support. I remember sitting watching the sunrise and all its beautiful colours starting a new day and felt I had to do something to help those suffering. I went to the studio and blew the colours I had seen in the mornings Sunrise and named the series after it.

I was then part of a team as was countless others who gave of their time and money around the world, in setting up a charity dinner in aid of the Tsunami survivors and gave a Sunrise piece to be auctioned. We raised over $7,000 that night. The Sunrise represents that in the face of adversity there is always hope. No matter how devastating our lives get thrown into, there is always help, support and love from others to draw on. No matter how black and cold the night may be, the sun always rises bringing warmth and life to our hearts, the sunrise is a new day dawning.

To date this has been one of my most popular series sought by collectors from the many Galleries representing my work.