My inspiration for this work came on a short holiday to the beautiful island of Vanuatu in February 2012. Times were tough in the Art World and as there was a super special available I decided to take a break out in the Pacific. I like to dive or snorkel at least once a year to keep in touch with the spirit of the sea! It lets me maintain my love for my ever evolving "Sealife Collection' which is one of my signature series.

I still get amazed how clear the water is there with a very accessible reef still in great condition. My first time to the 'Blue Lagoon' left me feeling that this was the moment I need to share this out of this world experience of white sand and crystal clear water with the world. This is how I expressed the white inside these vessels and all the colours of the reef on the outside. The blues and greens create the sense of movement which is ever ongoing in a coral reef. I would like you to enjoy the sense of calm energy and clear clean water of the "Blue Lagoon".