I often have vivid dreams of Lemuria or Atlantis and wake in the morning and ponder is it myth or real? To me Lemuria was soul and Atlantis was mind. This series is about reconnecting with past energies and linking them to the present day.

There is an ancient energy (icons) as the ‘base' of my pieces unfolding, and reaching upwards to spirit and the intertwining of all that sacred knowledge in the lip wrap. Soft blues and clear ( which when frosted turns to white) evoke emotions and trigger past life reflections of long forgotten highly advanced civilisations.

The fragileness of the ‘window' they lived in, reminds us of the fine line we tread in our own turbulent times. They bring a feeling of not only past antiquity but a message of peace and love when we need it most.

I believe that every piece of whatever series I make is for a certain individual person, and it is their own personal odyssey to seek and find that piece made especially for them. Because of my dreams I get tremendous joy out of making this series for the seeker.