This series came about when I was working using some Opal on a commission with Roger. I also use Opal pieces to adorn some of my Tribal vessels.

One day while I was blowing in the Studio, I had some darker Opal laid out on the bench and the light was playing with it. I went over and looked at them on the bench, then made a few vases and bottles. When they were annealed and out of the Kiln, the one I was drawn to most was the black one with faint purple splattering through it. When placed directly under a down light it came alive and looked just like a type of opal. So I blew a vessel using the same techniques and the 'Black Opal' was created.
When you look straight at it , they appear dark, and then just like real opal - when you catch the light at the right angle it comes alive.
For me this series is perfectly named.