The glass didgeridoo came to me once again from a dream.

A wise old tribal man sat and spoke with me and told me how I was to make it and the colours to use.
It was not exactly an easy feat to achieve. These are a metre or longer glass didgeridoos that are fully playable and resonate at a great volume than timber. They are extremely difficult to make because of the length of them , the complexity of the skill level and having to be constantly kept hot with hand held gas burners from all angles at the critical stage.
The message they bring is one of ancient wisdom and healing through the power of music.
Sound enters into our mind via the ears and resonates within our soul. This ancient and ceremonial instrument revered within indigenous culture now meets the new age and is blown into glass vibrating at a high level of consciousness.
It is a merging of the old and the new via harmonics, that has not been achieved before.
Reconciliation thus emerges in a different format.
My first Glass 'didg' I gave to Adrian Ross on the night of the Unearthed Exhibition.
Adrian is an International Artist who has opened the Paralympics playing his Didgeridoos.
He was deeply moved by my gift to him and later in the evening said to me 'this is such a special gift, in the act of giving from the heart you will now receive from the universe". Which I got goosebumps from. A few short weeks later an entrepreneur who I had never met before, purchased 65 of my pieces !