The outback is a truly amazing place.

There is no neon lights or fast food stores. It's just you and nature - period.
It is a land of intense beauty and unforgiving harshness all at once. Because of where it is situated in the middle of Australia you get these unbelievable sunsets from the heat of the day that are a mass of swirling colours, and to an artist about as good as it gets.
There is this fire ball of a sun going down over a timeless land as it has done for millions of years, every time at days end, but everyone is a unique and different setting in the skies palette.
The black wrought iron that surrounds a lot of these pieces is symbolic of life and death in this arid landscape and it creates a symbolic aura to these pieces.
Any living thing that finds themselves out there without water or shelter will soon perish. The rigid steel work flowing around the glass is the unforgiving reality of outback life.
Sun charred, black and stiff - this is the perimeter within which all life exists and the threshold not to cross.
That is why it skirts the outside of the glass, sometimes in 2 or 3 encircling twists but never touches its fragileness.
This to me is like life's cat and mouse game it plays with the outback, and one which I am pleased with the way it is artistically represented in the Sunset series.