Working with glass dates back to over 5,000 years. This series represents iconic items related to humanities earliest existence and millenniums past. The Nautilus and its ancestors are from ½ billion years ago.Their spiral unfoldment mirrors mankinds journey in evolution.

Survival - shelter and food , were primary, basic instics. My sculptures in the Primordial series echo this. Old horns and authentic 100 year old posts are direct links to this time. Animal bones and horns were later used for re hunting, ceremonies and even art subjects on cave walls.

The ancient bottles I make are indicative of found archaeological treasures, unearthed from the cobwebs of time. Each piece is purposefully made, the glass and timber is then aged to impart an intriguing aura of a distant civilization. We live in ultra modern hi tech times and a Primordial piece in our contemporary homes helps to ‘ground' from busy lives.