This was a great and fun collaborative piece the 3 of us worked on.

Roger and I took a drive one day up into the foothills of the Sunshine Coast to one of his timber suppliers and found this old and weathered Red Cedar Stump. It was not a work of art by any means and covered in dirt and mould. Stuff like that never worries him as he knows the beauty of the timber that is underneath.
Then myself, Roger and Graeme Higgins (blacksmith) began. It was turned upside down, water blasted, chainsawed and carved. I blew some very large orange 'fungus' that were fitted into the stump. The whole sculpture was then taken to Graeme's workshop where he worked his magic bending steel like modelling clay in and around the stump and glass.
Back to Rogers for fine tuning and a spray job and Unearthed was born.
It was revealed to the public for the first time at The Edge in Montville and shortly after was sold to a New Zealand businessman for his waterfront home in Spain.
Roger was so moved with it, as he loves his timber, he wrote a poem about it and read it out on the opening night which touched all who heard it.

"I was a seed blown on the winds of chance.
I came from a great grandfather of a cedar that stood long before the white man ever walked these shores.
I nestled feather soft into forest undergrowth, moist and giver of life.
I grew slowly.
My fragile limbs reached ever skyward, and grew stronger with the passing seasons.
Countless birds nestled and raised their young in my ever broadening limbs.
The months and years were but the days of my youth.
Deadly axe blows echoed through out the valley heralding the Cedar Cutters had come, and when they left - my body went with them.
I was a stump, naked and baking in the sun, and slowly I started to return to the very ground that first gave me life.
But the fickle winds of chance would blow my way once more.
A new generation would find me, hands that worked with love would transform me.
With mallet and chisel the shavings fell, out of the earth metal was hammered to fit my shape, and from breath of fire glass was blown - my spirit now lived again."

Unearthed is about the beauty that lies in old timber and how with carefully working and enhancing using mixed media, the timber, steel and glass give birth to a new period in that trees life, that to many may seem only fit for firewood.