Memorial Orbs

Tina Cooper has come up with the wonderful original idea in 2002 of using her skill as a glassblower to eternalise the memory of your loved ones in beautiful blown glass orbs or urns. These Memorials can encapsulate your loved one’s ashes forever in a beautiful piece of artwork.

Imagine the ashes solidified in liquid lava eternalised in an artform recorded through all generations to come. Unaffected by time, in its pristine state will last forever.

The technique can be used for human ashes so your adored loved ones are not forgotten and can be around you forever. From Earth to Fire to Water to Air through my breath I give them life.

In addition to using the Eternal Orbs for your loved ones, Tina can make special urns to hold your loved one’s ashes which would look beautiful on any mantlepiece.

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