About Tina Cooper

Tina’s ability to enter the realm of the subconscious, which makes her work so incredibly unique. This inherent quality ensures her own immortality is carried within each piece. Her aim is to record history through her own perspective, using hot glass, wood and iron as her mediums.

Tina’s love for large expressive hot art glass pieces demands an excellence from herself and her team who are masters in this medium. Her willingness to experiment and to always challenge the medium, by incorporating many elements, is a passion of hers.

Working in collaboration with other artists and mediums, using the elements of fire and brimstone, excites the glass tribe that have the same passion running through their veins –  HOT MOLTEN GLASS!
Tina travels the world seeking out Master Glass Blower Workshops, giving her a chance to hone her skills. By developing her own artistic style of Glass Art, this has made Tina one of Australia’s leading Glass Art Blowers and Designers.

Tina draws on influences from Mother Nature, life experiences, myth and indigenous culture. Her art speaks of human origins, it symbolises a harmony between humanity and nature, life and death. These pieces have a sense of spirituality, as if the artwork speaks to you – mesmerising her collectors from around the world.

To reach Tina’s high skill level, she was inspired by and trained over many years under a number of master glass blowers. These master glass blowers include William Morris, Lino Tagliapietra, Dante Marioni, Pino Signoretti, Richard Clements, Nick Mount, Ruth King, Chuck Simpson, Dick Marquis and Jane Cowey.