The Making of Hand Blown Glass Art

Tina’s unique Series are known as big , bold & colourful Art Glass ,  with no two creations alike!

Her experimental nature, pulling on her spiritual and emotional life experiences  encoded in her Soul. That reflects in her work.

Tina recreates this combination of collective energy  into her unique sequence of pieces using Glass as her hero medium.

Collaboration with other mediums and Indigenous Artists also makes Tina’s Art Glass unique and Highly Collectable amongst Art  lovers

From the first moment in the studio ,arriving early, setting up the colors for her next creations and then conducting her team with up to five highly skilled glass workers , it’s her personal touch and force that creates the typical “Tina Cooper style” , her work is famous for over 30 years.

During every step of the process, team work is vital. Timing is everything, a few seconds out and you can lose the piece.

It is like a finely tuned machine, working in unison, against the clock, with molten glass that will ultimately turn into their masterpiece…….. or not.

Conditions inside the studio are tough on Tina and her team, particularly during Queensland summers when temperatures inside can soar above 50 degrees Celsius. Intense heat radiates from all directions.

Each piece is individually hand-made from liquid currents of molten glass, drawn from a furnace running at up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Each member of Tina’s team is a highly intuitive, talented glass artist in their own field.

Everyone in the studio shares Tina’s passion and you can see and feel it in the result.

Enrich your soul by purchasing a “ Tina Cooper “ Art piece and ensure the survival of her legacy in the Glass Art World.