Honey Ant Collection

September 28, 2020 to June 30, 2021
By Appointment Only.

This interesting and beautiful insect can teach us that we can make our own Honey, living in harmony with our surroundings and creating a happy space for us and others. Mother Nature has given us a chance to turn wrong into right. Recording History as it unfolds is a deep desire of Tina when she creates her work.

The Honey Ant has also meaning and value for the indigenous Population of Australia and America. Connecting with old and wise cultures is a constant part of Tina’s Art.

Wild Places Exhibition

Opening Night – 26th June 2021
Public – 27th June to 31st August 2021
By Appointment Only.

Introducing Internationally Acclaimed Hot Glass Artist Jonathon Westacott

Jonathon Westacott’s artwork captures the essence of Australia’s wilderness.

He travels to remote and wild places, capturing our natural heritage through drawing and photography. This experience is brought back to the studio to become the compositions he carves into his glass vessels. Jonathon’s detailed drawings capture what we are fast losing in a world where urbanisation is prioritised over our natural environment. The glass provides the optimal medium to archive our diminishing flora and fauna potentially recording ‘this’ moment for 1000’s of years.

Each piece is unique and original, taking several weeks to complete and this exhibition is the culmination of the last 2 years work.