Martini Glass | Tina’s Beginning

TEMPORARILY ON HOLD:  Due to material, gas, and electricity costs I have stopped producing Memorial Orbs until circumstances change.

Tina Cooper began her journey into the amazing world of glass blowing when she met Mark Galton. When the talents of Mark Galton and Tina Cooper came together, ‘Martini Glass’ was formed. Mark an accomplished glass blower had background in technique and B.A in Visual Art from Sydney. Tina worked with Mark during the period of 1990 – 1995. He shared his knowledge with Tina over the years that they were together. She brought her knowledge in colour and endless ideas to compliment his skills and together formed a dynamic art collaboration of ‘Martini Glass’. According to Tina, ‘With Mark Galton, we formed our first studio, Martini Glass, in the mid 80s, which proved to be very successful both from an artistic perspective and for our financial returns.’ Regretfully Mark Galton passed away in a work accident in 2014. Tina now has her own gallery the ‘Tina Cooper Gallery’ in Eumundi.

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