Tina Cooper Glass


Here I have create from the essence of the reef a survival story!

These complexed & Ancient Creatures have survived for centuries even before Human life on earth began.

I have drawn on this inspiration from this fascinating creature called the Nautilus a desire to express the creatures a pelagic.

Marine mollusc who live on the edge of existence.

From 10,000 species to only 4 remaining a call to everyone to help protect our sea creatures and respect our oceans.



Tina Cooper Glass

Nautilus - Cornucopia

Cornucopia, a sign of abundance, to bring wealth into one’s life. A particularly difficult design and many years in the planning,

Brought about by  my passion for the sea and my need to be challenged in my medium: GLASS!

The Nautilus Series was a steep learning curve. I adapted existing skills and developed new ones in order to bring these creatures to life  through glass.

This eventually led to my first seahorse!

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