My other passion is working in other mediums, combining my glass with wood, steel and making the Indigenous inspired totems.

I use authentic old Indigenous items or new hand made glass message sticks, painted by a local Indigenous Artist these pieces will be the hero on the sculpture.

The wood I use always has a history and it add to feel of strength and time to the story told within the sculpture.

Combining wood, metal and glass, creating a visual and spiritual experience.


The Seed

Made from hand blown glass it is 98% solar panels recycled.

The seed pods relate to protection, nurturing of life itself within its charred pods enduring the extremes of our environment, like the recent bush fire.

This relates to my two hand blown glass seed pods, darkened as if it had survived a bush fire.

My fascination is with a seed I had found and unfortunately I had placed it on top of the soil in a pot; I had forgotten to plant this seed! After a month out in the elements and to my surprise I caught a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye. The seed had one shoot – as reflected in my sculpture.

I was so amazed that it wanted to live so much that I decided to plant it in my garden.

Of the four glass seeds, one has a shoot coming from the seed that relates to my experience in this story.

This little plant has shown me that its desire to live has created its own destiny and it relates to my willingness never to give up when life looks bleak.

My seed has found fertile ground and is now flourishing.

Hand blown Head , slumped glass waves and LED light glass mountains on an old Hardwood Totem with an old Indigenous carved snake with crystals on the back of the Totem , mounted on a wood and iron base.



Ancient Earth Spirit

Storyteller of Dreamtime.

Traditional Custodians shared Dreamtime Stories of the Rainbow Serpent, giver and taker of life, great Father Mother and protector of Sacred Sites and Culture.

He awoke and came out beneath the Earth refreshed from the long slumber.

He travelled far and wide leaving winding tracks across the land and his movement of his body heaped up the mountains and dug troughs for the rivers, the great Spirit source of life.

Earth Spirit shared, The Rainbow Serpent brought water down from the Heavens creating the fundamental route of our water in Nature’s cycle of growth and regeneration.

We thank the Rainbow Serpent, the Dreamtime creator of our Blackall Range, The Kondalilla Falls & our beautiful Rivers and Creeks where life began here on the Blackall Range.

Let us continue to flow through the Journey of our Lives and give thanks to the story telling of Australian Dreamtime.

All Hand Blown Glass.





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