The Gobby Queen

TEMPORARILY ON HOLD:  Due to material, gas, and electricity costs I have stopped producing Memorial Orbs until circumstances change.

At the early stages of my new career as a glassblower, over 30 years ago, I learned and practised special skills necessary to make and create Goblets. I had a desire to design my Goblets around stories, memories and experiences I had in my life. These early works were very naive, colourful, meaningful & sometimes whimsical, that set my style up for the rest of my career! My first series was called “Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men”, I created a vine around the stem with one flower & two leaves at the base of the glass goblet bowl. Because of our kiln was not very stable, the goblets would overheat in the kiln overnight and end up on a lean! My creative mindset the scene by leaning the Goblets towards each other and told the childhood story of ”Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men”, they were a hit! Many years later with new equipment & my skill level growing the Goblets became gardens of flowers around the stem, pushing my skill level to create” The Enchanted Forest Series”. I still create Goblets to keep my skill level up for making small intricate works, by including balls, bottles, fish, shells and bones in the stem depending what series I am working on in a large level. Collectors still can spot a Tina Cooper glass after having kept my style over all the years and new designs.  

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