Travellers Exhibition
From Earth to Fire,
Water to Air.
Through my Breath
I Give You Life.
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Exclusive exhibition: 'the Honey Ant collection' featuring tina cooper & wolfgang engel

Tina Cooper is a leading figure in Australian Glass Art who uses natures elements to create dramatic works which reflect her passionate relationship with the world around her. The Australian landscape in particular has provided Tina with the inspiration and vision to explore her creativity. Tina’s ability to enter the realm of the subconscious is a gift which makes her work so unique. Her work represents the physical, emotional and spiritual structure of our lives. Tina’s intuitive nature of expressing through the use colour and shapes allows you to feel her work on a deep level. You are invited to share that moment of connection that Tina has recreated using glass as her medium in her work.k

“Nature is the overriding theme in everything I produce, I have a passion and fierce respect for the environment– it is after all the very thing from which my inspiration stems.”

– Tina Cooper